Trekking Tour


Bhutan has solidified its place as one of the top places in the world to go trekking. Bhutan was ranked among the top 10 adventure travel places in the world by well-known explorer and survivalist Bear Grylls. The Snowman Trek, Tour of the Dragon, Snowman Run, and Tergola Trek, among many other exceptional trekking experiences in Bhutan, have received praise from Lonely Planet, Times Magazine, Forbes, and CNN. Since then, the historic Trans Bhutan Trail has received widespread acclaim.

Bhutan has some of the longest and most breathtaking trails and hiking routes in the world rich with natural inhabitants and air. With the opening of tourism in Bhutan, the trails are even better and rejuvenating. At every stops you will get the warmth of a hot cup of tea/coffee and local snacks. With our expert guides you will get the best experiences, should you prefer a horse ride or watch the yaks as you hike, Bhutan Wilderness Travel will have it all covered for you.   

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