Cultural Tour


Culture and tradition have always been a part of Bhutanese identity. Today as you visit Bhutan you will see the purity of culture in the painting and the attire that the population get dressed up with. The cultural tour comprises visiting the fortress and monasteries, village walks and communicating with the local people, and exploring and experiencing various cultural features, from dresses to national sport (archery).  

Our wealth of temples, monasteries, and majestic fortresses, which stand as sentinels defending centuries-old villages, are a manifestation of Bhutan’s cultural tour wonders. There are a thousand and one reasons to pack your bags and explore this Himalayan kingdom’s craggy topography and unspoilt mountain routes. Visitors to this nation frequently struggle with the problem of having too many options. The eye-catching trips are a visual treat on their own and provide a good overview of nations, ancient traditions preserved in our spicy and pungent chili foods, and homes that are painted with enormous phallic graffiti that is unique to this region of the Himalaya.

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